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4×4 Routes

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Henties Bay has a peaceful, rustic atmosphere and the absence of heavy traffic, the mild climate and long stretches of unspoilt beach creates the ideal setting for a leisurely holiday with long walks, sunbathing and picnicking or a few days rest for the overseas visitor after a tiresome journey on hot and dusty roads. Parts of the beach are closed to anglers, vehicles and quad bikes to offer pedestrians and sunbathers maximum peace and quite.

The main swimming beach is down at the valley where the super tube is – quite a busy spot during the December holiday season.  Solitude Bay is south of Henties Bay and ideal for long walks, beach picnics or fishing.

Keep in mind that the water is icy cold, ranging from 13 to 18°C, and the current very strong with whirlpools in places which makes it dangerous to swim.  It is not advisable to swim too deep unless you are a strong swimmer.


The golf course, in itself an attraction for many tourists who regard the sandy fairways as a challenge, is laid out in an old bed of the Omaruru River delta known as the Valley. It is a nine-hole golf course, extending over a distance of 2.7 km and has very well tended grass greens and tees while the fairways are virgin desert sand. There are three par 3, two par 5 and four par 4 holes.
Golf competitions are organized regularly, especially during the December holiday season, and on other days visitors can play for a minimal fee. Players have to provide their own golf clubs.

Horse Riding

The wide open beaches at Henties Bay provides the ideal opportunity for horse riding. Erum Stables has seven well trained horses and offer beach and desert rides for visitors or pony rides for children on miniature ponies. Contact Eloise Grobler: Tel +264-64-081 314 9311; e-mail: seemeeu@mail.na

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are not allowed anywhere north of the Omaruru River or east of the C34 – that means nowhere in the desert. Quads are not allowed on the beach in front of or in between houses and developed areas or campsites. Quads are not allowed in the dune field south of Henties Bay. Quad bikes may drive from the Omaruru River mouth for 10 km upstream in the river, but Not up the walls of the river.

The beach area south of Henties Bay to Swakopmund are open for the use of quad bikes with the exception of townlands and camp sites. When riding on the beach, please take other people in consideration and be on the lookout for children and pets! During the holiday season a lot of families spend their days on the beaches, angling and picnicking.

Walking Trails

Because of its safe environment and mild climate Henties Bay offers visitors the ideal opportunity to go for long strolls along the beach or a more strenuous hike up the Omaruru River. These two walking trails are unmarked but are easy to follow and a map is available at the Tourism Office. Visit our Walking Trails page for more info.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”64″ icon_color=”#494949″ title=”Angling” title_size=”35″ title_color=”#1e73be” description_color=”#545454″ read_more_url=””]Henties Bay is renowned for its abundance in fish and fishermen flocked to this magical spot to share in the riches the sea so generously offered.[/mk_icon_box2][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”64″ icon=”mk-moon-basket” icon_color=”#494949″ title=”Shop” title_size=”35″ title_color=”#eeee22″ description_color=”#545454″ read_more_url=””]These days you can shop for just about anything in Henties Bay, from groceries, to camping gear, and of course fishing tackle and bait.[/mk_icon_box2][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][mk_icon_box2 icon_size=”64″ icon=”mk-li-food” icon_color=”#494949″ title=”Shop” title_size=”35″ title_color=”#8224e3″ description_color=”#545454″ read_more_url=””]With a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and grills you will definitely not go hungry or thirsty in Henties Bay.[/mk_icon_box2][/vc_column][/vc_row]