Recreation & Sport


Henties Bay has a peaceful, rustic atmosphere and the absence of heavy traffic, the mild climate and long stretches of unspoilt beach creates the ideal setting for a leisurely holiday with long walks, sunbathing and picnicking or a few days rest for the overseas visitor after a tiresome journey on hot and dusty roads. Parts of the beach are closed to anglers, vehicles and quad bikes to offer pedestrians and sunbathers maximum peace and quite.

The main swimming beach is down at the valley where the super tube is – quite a busy spot during the December holiday season.  Solitude Bay is south of Henties Bay and ideal for long walks, beach picnics or fishing.

Keep in mind that the water is icy cold, ranging from 13 to 18°C, and the current very strong with whirlpools in places which makes it dangerous to swim.  It is not advisable to swim too deep unless you are a strong swimmer.

Solitude Beach

Probably one of the most beautiful spots along our coastline is Solitude Beach or Farilhao Bay as it is officially known.  The bay is situated south of Henties Bay and boasts a rocky shore visible at low tide and the hummocks, dunes formed by the accumulation of sand around the plants living in this extreme arid area. This stretch lends itself excellently for long strolls and is known as the Jakkalputz Walking Trail.