The Brandberg is the highest mountain in Namibia and literally means “burning mountain”. It is situated about 158 km from Henties Bay and can be reached by the C35 via Uis to Kamanjab.

Local guides from the Brandberg Community Project will accompany visitors to the famous painting of the White Lady, situated in the Tsisab Gorge as well as to Maack’s Shelter and “The Girl’s School”. This requires a strenuous climb of about 1½ hour into the mountain.  They also offer guided tours to the Ga-aseb Gorge, Amis Gorge and the Koningstein summit.

Permission should be requested in writing from the National Heritage Council Namibia (NHC) in order to undertake hiking up the Brandberg Mountain.

National Heritage Council (Namibia)

Through identification, protection and management of the natural and cultural heritage of Namibia, as well as public education, and in accordance with our law and international conventions, we ensure that our heritage benefits current and future generations.

The letter should indicate the number of persons taking the hike, how many days will be spent on the mountain and where the visitors intend to go. Those who wish to take the tour to the White Lady will be assisted by the staff at the office situated at the site and are therefore not required to seek written permission.

Should anyone wish to undertake any other activity such as photography or filming for commercial purposes or research, they are required to apply for a heritage permit. Please feel free to contact us should any more information be required.

Leisure and Recreational Heritage Permit

  1. A permit application fee of N$150,00 and additional hiking fee is payable (depending on the number of dates up the Mountain).
  2. Copies of your ID or Passport (applicant and team members)
  3. Motivation letter for hiking up the Upper Brandberg Mountain: Purpose of hiking up, team members, dates, numbers of teams, names of local guides, explain how food items will be transported up the Mountain, where to overnight before reaching Königstein etc.

Kindly keep in mind that processing of permits takes 12 working days


Director of NHC:
Mr. Salomon April

Heritage Permits:
Mrs. Alma Nankela alma@nhc-nam.org
Mr. Immanuel Nawaseb: inawaseb@nhc-nam.org