General Information

Safety Tips

Henties Bay and surroundings are one of the safest tourist destinations in Namibia where you can move around on the beach and in the streets without being constantly plagued by pickpockets and other criminals.

It is, however, necessary to be as mindful of crime as you would normally be at your home, a big city or another country. By ignoring basic safety measures, tourists promote crime and put their safety in jeopardy.

Please help us to combat crime by taking the following basic precautions in order to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Money and valuables

  • Never carry large amounts of cash on your person. Use credit cards or travelers cheques that are user friendly.
  • Do not leave documents, money or valuable items in your car.
  • If no facilities for the safekeeping of valuables are provided in your holiday accommodation, ask your agent or hotel/guest house manager for the safekeeping thereof.
  • Do not display expensive cameras or other valuables, but carry it in a shoulder bag where it is not visible.

Holiday Housing

  • Make sure that the accommodation you rent is provided with burglar proofing, an alarm system and safe parking.
  • Make sure that you know how to use the alarm system. Consult your booking agent or Tom Cat Security in this regard.
  • If you make use of holiday accommodation that does not have the necessary security, guards can be rented form Tom Cat Security.
  • Make sure that you lock all doors at night and do not leave any valuables under an open window. Thieves in Henties Bay are especially active at night and usually very opportunistic.
  • Report any burglaries immediately to the police.

Tips for Anglers

  • Anglers must not take gillies or other help picked up from the street to their homes – rather obtain a reference from your booking agent.
  • Make sure that you are informed about the Angling Regulations. Heavy penalties are imposed for undersized mussels, the possession of bristle worm, angling in prohibited areas and the possession of more than the prescribed quantities of fish. Inspectors of Sea Fisheries will accept no excuse for the violation of the Regulations and South African Tourists constantly receive fines at road blocks and the borders for such violations. The Angling regulations are available at the Tourist Bureau.
  • Please keep our beaches clean at all times and bring your refuse home where it can be discarded in a proper manner.
  • Please keep on existing tracks in the area between the high-water mark and the main coastal road. This is the main breeding area for the almost extinct Damara Tern.

When visiting the Desert

  • Information about various 4×4 routes as well as other interesting sites in the area can be obtained from the Tourist Bureau. Make sure that you know exactly where you are heading and that you have sufficient directions.
  • Make sure that you have enough fuel, spare tires, sufficient tools, drinking water, warm clothing and sun protection before you venture into the desert.
  • Take extreme care when driving on gravel roads and do not exceed 80 k.p.h. Excessive speed is the major cause for accidents on gravel roads.
  • Please note that there is no cell phone network in the remote areas surrounding the Henties Bay Municipal area.
  • Wild animals must please be respected and not disturbed. Elephants can be encountered in the northern regions and can be very aggressive and dangerous when disturbed. Jackals play a vital role in the desert ecology and should under no circumstances be disturbed.
  • Do not remove any plants, stones or wood from the desert. Heavy penalties can be imposed.
  • Do not indulge in off-road driving on the lichen fields, gypsum plains or any other place in the desert, but stay on the existing roads and tracks.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts from car windows – it can lead to enormous veld fires where grass is high and dry.
  • Do not litter in the desert – it is not only unsightly, but extremely dangerous for wildlife and can cause painful deaths.
  • Do not camp within 2km from open waterholes – it is very disturbing to wildlife.
  • Do not sleep in the open – people have been attacked by hyenas in the past. Always sleep in your car or in a tent.


  • Water is an extreme scarce commodity. Please use it sparingly.
  • Please contact the Tourist Bureau for any enquiries and information.