Omdel Dam

The Omaruru River has large paleo (very old) deltas filled with sand and gravel to form large underground freshwater reservoirs (aquifer).

The purpose of the Omdel (Omaruru Delta) Dam is to temporarily store ephemeral floodwaters in a large reservoir upstream of the aquifer. This storage would allow the settling of the fine suspended sediment so that clean water can be released in a controlled manner to infiltration areas over the Omdel Aquifer to feed 16 boreholes further down the river.

The aim is to transfer the contents of the reservoir to the aquifer during the dry season so that if there were a consecutive good rainy season, there would be storage space available in the reservoir.

The area offers picnic sites, various bird species, especially when there is water in the dam, and interesting desert adapted plants as well as riverine vegetation.

To reach the Omdel Dam take the C35 to Uis for ±27 km then turn right and follow the small track for 14 km to the Omdel Dam wall. Alternatively the Omaruru River course can be followed with a 4×4 to reach the dam – only during the dry season.