4×4 Routes


300 km, Route is marked, GPS recommended

This route follows the C34 to Mile 108 and then the D2303 eastwards across the flat Namib plains with its interesting flora such as the dollar bush, bushman’s candle and Welwitschia mirabilis.

The road runs down a tributary of the Ugab River along the Brandberg-West mountians west of the Brandberg Mountain massive.

The Brandberg-west mine, an old worked-out tin mine is situated in these mountains. Tin-tungsten mineralisation occurs in white quartz veins in the dark turbiditic rocks, clearly visible in the walls of the large opencast pit. Remnants of the original buildings such as offices and living quarters can still be seen.

The route eventually reaches the Ugab River Camp (Rhino Camp) on the banks of the Ugab River from where the location and movements of black rhino and the desert elephant in the area between the Ugab and the Kunene Rivers are monitored. This is a good spot to overnight.

On the return route to Henties Bay a visit to Cape Cross is highly recommended. It is the larger of two colonies of Cape fur seals along the Skeleton Coast and home to more than 90 000 seals.