Lagunen Hill

About 44 km from Henties Bay you will come across the Lagunen Hills on the eastern side of the road across from the salt pond. Here black rocks are covered with crustose lichens and present a spectacular view of green, orange, grey and black, especially early in the morning when the fog is still present. The westward facing hills intercept a great amount of fog, which sustain the growth of the lichens.

You will notice the interesting forms of the eroded rocks. Erosion is mainly due to salt that crystallizes in the rock pores. Many plants and insects can be found on these hills.  Desert plants such as dollar bush and bushmen’s candle grow amongst the eroded rocks.

Look out for a small blackish gecko with white spots and stripes. This gecko is diurnal (active during the day) and is known as Peter’s gecko. By lifting the rocks carefully many other insects and beetles may be spotted. Please take care to put every stone back in its original place.

Rocks must not be removed from these hills.