SA Import Permit

Application for a permit to import fish to South Africa
on a recreational basis

South African visitors who come to Namibia and who plan to take fish home have to apply for a permit at the South African Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department at least two weeks in advance.

Please see notice below for more information or enquire at the following contact details:

Private Bag X2, Roggebaai, 8012
Tel: 021-402 3911
Fax: 021 402 3367

Physical address: 2nd Floor, Marine and Coastal Management, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Foretrust Building, Martinhamerschlag Road, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8000
Postal address: Private Bag X28012, Roggebaai, Cape Town, 8012

Please visit the website of the South Africa Government Services for more details.

Notice South African Departement of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

“27 (1) “No person shall, except on the authority of a permit –

(e)     import any fish or any part or product thereof””

“20. (1) No person shall sell, barter or trade any fish caught through recreational fishing.

(2) No recreational fishing permit shall be transferable.”

In terms of the Marine Living Resources Act, Act no. 18 of 1998 and the regulations promulgated there under.

Requirements for a Recreational Import Permit

Only an original, completed, signed and dated application form.
Certified true copy(ies) of an original identity document.
Copies of supporting documents must be certified as true, where failure to do so will result in the permit being delayed and / or not issued.
No faxes, copies and e-mails will be accepted.

General Information

Fees are subject to annual review / determination by the Minister of  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries or delegated authority, jointly with the Minister of Finance.
The application process may take 7 working days or more subject to proper lodging of the application.
No permit is required for bait.   However, please ensure that you have in your possession either a recreational bait permit (only the daily bag limit can be transported) or a cash slip for bait purchased.

Application forms are available at the Customer Service Centre (see address below) or alternatively visit the Departments website

Physical address:  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Branch: Fisheries Management, Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, Foretrust Building, Martin Hammerschlagt Way, Foreshore, 8001.
Postal address:  Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Branch:  Fisheries Management, Customer Service Centre, Private Bag X2, Roggebaai, 8012

Telephonic queries with reference to the above requirements may be directed to the Customer Service Centre at the following telephone number.:  086 000 3474

On receipt of the application form, the Customer Service Centre will contact the applicant with a deposit reference number before payment is made. (Cheque/s must be made payable to the Marine Living Resources Fund (MLRF).

The bank deposit slip (proof of payment) reflecting payment of R505.00 per applicant must be faxed to 021-402 3362 or 086 505 8180 before the permits/s can be processed.

Banking details:

Bank:   FNB
Branch:  Corporate Account Service Cape Town
Branch code: 204109
Account: Current
Account No: 62123256382
Account Name:  Marine Living Resources Fund

For a Deposit Ref No.   The Department will contact the applicant after application is lodge

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