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About Henties bay

Henties Bay is primarily a holiday town with a holiday atmosphere – peaceful and quiet out of season and alive in high season.  Its main attraction is the ocean and miles of solitary beach where vehicles are still allowed.

It boasts numerous small pubs and restaurants, a hotel, guesthouses, B&B’s and lots and lots of holiday houses for rent.

There are also the necessary shops, supermarkets, bottle stores, a pharmacy, medical centres,  and yes, banks and ATM’s too. Although the business centre is small, it has all the necessary amenities to make your holiday comfortable.

Like all small holiday towns it has an informal, quirky character where houses have funny names, streets are not laid out in squares and no traffic lights interfere with your leisurely progression on salt roads.

But remember there is a traffic cop who takes his job very seriously, especially when the peace is disturbed by unruly vehicles that don’t obey traffic rules.  And mind the two speed humps!

Holiday houses have a peculiar character. Some are really old and derelict….made of pre-fabricated material of yesteryear.  Most of these apparently came from the old Brandberg-West mine that closed down in the early seventies.

Nowadays holiday houses are ultra-modern and real fancy.  Comfort and a good investment are priorities.  Now that our neighboring towns are becoming very expensive and open space scarce, the character of Henties Bay is also rapidly changing.

Map of Henties Bay



GPS Coordinates:  22° 07.05 S  14° 16.36 E


The climate in Henties Bay is typical of the Namibian west coast – mostly cool and foggy due to the cold Benguela current, but much less windy than our neighbouring towns further south.

The warmest months are between December and March with temperatures between 20 – 30°C and the cold, foggy months from August to October with temperatures between 14 – 18°C – but remember you can have all seasons in one single day!

East wind conditions normally occur in winter when the interior experience cold fronts, causing strong, hot winds and sandstorms coming from the desert.  Sandstorms can last for two to three days, but it can sometimes stay hot for as many as 10 to 11 days. East winds with sandstorms are the strongest during the morning, normally calming down in the afternoon with glorious late afternoons and evenings – ideal for beach picnics.

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